UNIFAT300 GOLD produced by supper-freezing crystallization process to retain palm oil natural phytonutrients . Its rich in carotenoids (Pro-Vitamin A), the precursors of vitamin A which necessary for animal growth and health ,Rich in vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols ), powerful antioxidants to improve oxidative stability , increase shelf life and quality of meat. UNIFAT300 GOLF formulated with high performance lysophospholipids enable full digestion and nutrients absorption and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) provide instant energy source for better growth performance.UNIFAT300 GOLD is a specially formulated supplement which is designed to improve the general health of the animal thereby allowing for better growth and survival.

Features and Benefits

Below you can find key benefits of UNIFAT300 GOLD:

Swine  (All stages and type )          2% – 6%
Poultry (layer & broiler)                   2% – 5%
Store in cool dry place.Keep away form odoriferous materials and avoid direct exposing to sunlight. shelf life is 12 month after production.
25 kg Paper bag and our packing is flexible by or customer request.
1X20 ft container ( 18 Mt without pallet ,17 Mt with pallet) 

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